Love at First Ride

As soon as you get on one of our Bimas Bikes you will immediately feel attached and will not ever want to let go.

All roads will straighten, all destinations will be desired and all terrains will be smooth.

Nothing can and will stop you from the joy of riding.

Most  Popular Bikes

Transporter A-3.0

E-City 7.3

100% Dutch Design Bikes


We are the Bike Masters

From day one, we have strived to translate functionality into beauty and success – in the most intelligent way possible while succeeding in doing the right job.

It is no longer about extra unnecessary options on each bike, but rather a simplistic beauty per bike.
With inspiration and innovation, combined with quality and value, we aim to improve the lives of our customers.


CO2 Free Products

Sustainable development is a key element for Bimas Strategy.

In line with this we reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain.

We manufacture all of our products with clean and renewable energy provided by the sun from the PV farm that we own. By owning a Bimas Bike you become a part of the community that cares for the sustainability of our planet.