Bike Masters Heritage

We are BIMAS, Bike Masters.

We established BIMAS in 1996 solely to design and produce bikes that bring value into our lives. This aim in mind aids us to manufacture functional, reliable, long lasting, ergonomic, eco-friendly and beautiful bicycles with absolute care.

We focus our sensitive craftsmanship and skillset on functional an innovative ideas rather than unnecessary extra features. Thus, not only do we offer you an attainable price but more importantly, a bike that does its job like a bike should.

We devoted ourselves to accomplish one goal only: to make our customers satisfied and happy with their expectations to the fullest.


  We believe in innovative thinking,

  We only depend on lasting sustainable solutions,

  Our top priority is to take care of our people,

  Our customers and suppliers are our family members,

  We always give back to community and mother nature,

  We believe in sharing our knowledge.

Our Factory

¼ Century of Production Background

We take care of our products and thus our customers with the utmost priority since 1996.

Our main job is to produce bicycles for serious bikers. With two production lines and an in-house paintişng / coating line, we dedicate ourselves to 200.000 customers worldwide per year.

  As per respect to our customers, we produce according to ISO 9001 standards.
  As per respect to our employees, we produce according to OHSAS 18001 standards.
  As per respect to our environment, we produce according to ISO 14001 standards.